Building Block Template Errors

Microsoft Office Word

I have recently created an additional (custom) building block template file 
in Word2007.  I created the template with 1 new entry (as suggested elsewhere 
in the forum) and saved the file to the building blocks folder.  

When I open up a new document I can see the saved custom building block in 
the quick parts list.  If I then open the custom QP in the organiser of the 
document and edit the text description (for example) and save it and then 
close the document, I am prompted whether I want to save the changes to the 
custom building blocks template.  I confirm Yes.  

When I open the custom building blocks template there are now 2 identical 
quick parts stored in the organiser.   When I repeat the process and add 
another QP entry and follow the above process I now have 2 identical sets of 
QP entries.  

Now for the really strange stuff.  

When I open a new document and access Quick Parts only 1 of each of the QP's 
is displayed (or is listed in the document QP organiser).  

If I delete one of the duplicate entries in the custom BB template, save and 
re-open the template both copies of the duplicate have been deleted.  

Have I got a ghost or is this a bug?
It's sort of a bug, but pretty harmless if you understand why it

When you directly open a template that contains building blocks, as
opposed to opening a document based on that template or another, Word
has two ways to "see" the building block -- one through the usual
loading of all available building blocks, and another through the
opened template itself. There's really only one building block, but
the organizer shows it twice.

The only way this might cause you trouble is, as you've already seen,
when you try to delete one of the "two" entries and find that you've
deleted the only copy of it.

Note that if you need to edit any building block, the template
containing it doesn't have to be "opened", just "loaded" (which
happens as soon as you start the organizer or insert any building
Hi Jay

Thanks for help with the reasoning!  

So it see the current template opened for edit and the original that is in 
the building blocks folder.  Whoo!  Scary!

We at least I know I am not cracking-up and I can cancel my appointment with 
the opticians!