Can't restart numbering in List styles

Microsoft Office Word

I have List and List 2 set up to workk together to number. List works 
fine, but List 2 will not restart numbering (actually lettering as a., 
b., etc.) I can't change the setting as it's grayed out, and even though 
they're grayed out restart numbering is selected. it doesn't happen.
Why are the selections grayed out?
Oh, duhhhhhhhhh. I know already. I should have used List Number.
Tonya Marshall
Well, after changing over to List Number and having the same thing 
happen, I consulted Help. It's simple, just right-click on the new list 
that didn't restart and in the dropdown list, click Restart. Piece of 
cake when you know how. This is in WD2003. If it was available in 
earlier versions I didn't know it was there. Do now. Very nice. :)
Tonya Marshall