Can't select anything inside the text area...

Microsoft Office Word

I can't remember the exact time it started happening or anything that may 
have caused it, but I can't select anything inside of the text area with my 
mouse or scroll down using my mouse in Word 2007 anymore. I can still edit 
text and do various things without clicking, but I can't right click to spell 
check, select words, click to type inside text boxes or anything else. Anyone 
know what might be wrong?
Additionally, every time I close it tells me Word has stopped working and 
tries to restore my file.
It is either an incompatible third party add-in or a registry error. Try the 
latter first by deleting the DataKey which will recreate itself when you 
Word is relaunched.

Run Regedit and delete: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\version 
I ran the regedit but the only file in the microsoft\office\word folder was a 
default that couldn't be deleted. There was a microsoft\office\12\word folder 
and I deleted everything in there that I could (default and some other file 
could not be deleted) but there was no change when I opened word. Thanks for 
the help and quick response. Next suggestion?
What version of Word are you using?

Microsoft Office 2007, running Vista. I've downloaded the service pack 
(office and vista) but that didn't change anything.
The DataKey MUST be in the registry: it cannot work at all without a 
DataKey. You need to find and delete it.


It worked. You truly are the Windows MVP. Thanks a bunch.
I have exactly the same version of Office and am also on Vista, and have 
exactly the same problem.  I followed these directions, deleted that 
entry.... but when I opened word to try it again, it still had the same 
problem.  Any ideas?