Ctrl+A shortcut is not working

Microsoft Office Word

So, as the typical person who only ever posts once, I have a problem:
Every time I try to "select all" in a microsoft word 2003 document, nothing 
happens. I can, of course, go up to "edit" and find the "select all       
Ctrl+A" button, and then it does what it should (you know, selects the whole 
document). First I thought it was my keyboard, but I can use "Ctrl+A" on any 
other application, like explorer, Microsoft Exel, paint, photoshop, ect., 
just not in word. If this clarifies things: It is not the "select all" 
command that does not work, but the keyboard shortcut command, which goes 
I did fiddle around with my shortcuts one night with the "symbol" inserts, 
but the "select all" button in edit still bears the "Ctrl+A" as its shortcut 
(so I find: "Edit" > "Select All      Ctrl+A"), so I don't think I changed 
that shortcut, because I expect (maybe wrongly) that the shortcut command 
displayed next to "select all" would have disappeared or otherwise changed to 
the one that works. I even went, very laboriously, through all of the symbols 
in the "symbol" window to see if one now had "Ctrl+A" as its new shortcut 
command, but I found nothing. 
How do you view and/or edit all of the shortcut keys for Word 2003 anyway?
Does anyone know if and/or how I can fix this problem?
I don't want to absorb any of you experts' time by saying its an urgent 
problem. I can live without one my keyboard shortcuts...I guess. 
Thanks for your time. You guys are awesome... just for reading this.
Go to Tools | Customize | Keyboard and select any command at random. Type in 
Ctrl+A for the shortcut key and see what it is currently assigned to 
(presumably something other than Select All). Then find that command and 
unassign it. If it says "Unassigned," find EditSelectAll and reassign it.