Footnote Not Appearing at Bottom of Page

Microsoft Office Word

I have tried all the obvious fixes - nothing works: The footnote text and 
references were normal - I deleted and re-added all the footnotes (user 
copied footnotes from a wordperfect document).  I selected the entire 
document and converted all footnotes to endnotes - you can see them appear at 
the end of the document.  I convert them back to footnotes to appear at 
bottom of page (you don't see them in any view - print layout or normal.  
When I go into the footers - I can see the footnotes showing at the bottom of 
the page right above the footer - what am I missing here?

Does the Asian and Latin stuff on the documents cause problems?  I see that 
under reveal formatting.
Possibly the footer margin is set too large and is obscuring the text.