Insert Symbol causes loop

Microsoft Office Word

In Word 2002, the Insert Symbol function frequently enters a loop, where the 
window updates continuously, and no commands are recognized. Pressing escape 
repeatedly and clicking on the top bar manages to shut the window and return 
to Word, but the function is rendered useless.

This typically occurs when a symbol from a particular font has been used, 
and another font is chosen from inside the Insert Symbol dialogue, which does 
not utilize that particular slot. First inserting a Wingdings symbol and 
later trying to choose a Unicode font is a good example of what would trigger 

I have experienced the problem on several different computers.
Problems with the Font, Symbol, Paragraph, Style, Page Setup, or Print
dialogs often indicate a problem with the printer driver (especially the
absence of one).
There is no problem with the printer driver, unless you consider using a 
network printer a "problem". Even with a local printer driver installed, the 
problem persists. It is my experience from several different computers that 
marking a symbol and changing to a font that does not have this symbol always 
produces this result, although I haven't conducted wider testing.