IntelliPoint causes major display problems in XP

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I have discovered a MAJOR bug in Microsoft Intellipoint.  The application 
(I'm using version, which is the latest), causes severe display 
problems of menus and windows, with windows and menus failing to paint 
(display) properly, in a variety of applications under Windows XP SP2 as well 
as XP SP3 (Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 3).  Also, the severity 
of the problems vary from application to application; among the worst 
affected are Adobe Soundbooth CS3, Adobe After Effects CS3, and Adobe 
Premiere Pro CS3.  There are other side effects as well, such as various 
Windows OS windows, as well as icons such as user desktop icons, being 
repainted (redrawn or refreshed) seemingly at random and when entirely 
unnecessary.  When I first encountered these problems, I thought surely it 
was a graphics driver compatibility issue with XP SP3, and that was after 
many hours of trying to track the issue down.  Well, boys and girls, it turns 
out the problem is Microsoft's own Intellipoint.  Killing the ipoint.exe 
application under Windows Tasks resolves all the display issues mentioned.

I realize that this is not the right place to post this issue, but Microsoft 
is apparently too busy keeping busy to provide the average citizen an easy 
means of reporting any bug, let alone a serious one, that affects its 
software, and potentially millions of users!

Maybe the Microsoft person who receives this will be kind enough to pass it 
along to the Windows OS developers and their Intellipoint developers so that 
they can fix this ASAP!  Thanks.
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