Microsoft Office Word

I have WORD 2003 and the darn thing leaves a space at the 
top of the screen so my desktop still shows when I try to 
do something. ALl my other office 2003 programs take up 
the whole screen word seems to not want to.  In order to 
get it to I have to manually shrink then fit it to size.  
This is timely and annoying.  Any answers.  I have my 
screen at the 1400X1050 setting too.ds

I assume that the window is maximised? If so, this is not a Word problem.
The most likely suspect is the graphics driver - possibly the printer
driver. Word is VERY hard on both drivers, but the graphics driver would
seem more obvious. To display Word at 1400 x 1050 would require a dam good
graphics card but that resolution sounds more like a Notebook? Try going to
the Notebook provider and see if they have an update driver for the