Word 2003 maximized window dips below bottom of the screen

Microsoft Office Word

I've a brand new Inspirion with a fresh, clean, spanking 
new install of Windows XP on it.

I've Word 2003 (Office Basic Edition).

When I maximize the window - it doesn't fit on the 
screen. The top of the Word window is about a title bar 
depth down from what it should be and the bottom of the 
window, with the status bar there, vanishes below the 
edge of the screen.

Right now, for example, if I maximize Word I can still 
clearly read "Community Newsgroups" in IE's title bar 
above the Word title bar. 

It's a pain. Not only does it look funny and distract me 
but I do use the bottom status bar!
This would most likely be a display setting. There should be some controls
for centering the display.

But it's only Word 2003 and only some of the time. Is 
there a Word-centric display setting?

should be some controls
to the newsgroup so
No. You might try rebuilding the Word Data key as detailed in