Word aborts

Microsoft Office Word

When working in Word that is part of Office 10 I get the 
"Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program: C:/program files/microsoft 
abnormal program termination"

What's the fix for this?

Hi John,

A "runtime" error means that there is an error in a macro or add-in
that is attempting to run. Typically these macros are created by a
third-party and are not part of the Word installation. (They could
also be caused by a malfunctioning macro virus as well)

Many third-party applications will create an add-in and place it in
the Office\Startup folder or use a COM add-in (DLL) to integrate their
software with Word.

Go to Tools/Templates and Add-Ins and see if there are any global
templates or add-ins listed. If you find any then chances are they are
located in your Office\Startup folder or Word\Startup folder.

The location of the Word\Startup folder can be found under
Tools/Options/File Locations and the Office\Startup folder will be
located in the installation path for Office.

If you find more than one add-in move them one at a time until you
determine which one is causing the problem.